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Entry #2

i wont be making more flashes soon

2010-02-02 14:01:46 by qwertygh

i wont be makeing games for a while so enjoy other stuff like audio and art and music


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2010-03-10 18:09:26

when will broken mirror 2 be finnished

qwertygh responds:

its already finished


2010-07-08 20:19:34

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT THE BROKEN MIRRORS???? NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qwertygh responds:

there coming


2012-03-16 18:56:59

Hay if you do start making games agin you shoud make a mass effectish flash. like broken mirror


2012-04-10 23:51:42

yo do u have a link to the broken mirror three site? i found and played it but it took hours of searching and the game kept moving pages so favoriting wouldnt work... also assuming you were involved in the project, buggy and beta-y (no offense intended; it was still very good) as it was, could you upload it or ask tha developers to upload it? tnx, man, appreciate your work this stuff is hard, especially when you want to make it artistic; haha i empathize.... tnx again, n peace bro